Baby Rejecting Bottle

If your baby is refusing the bottle, here’s what you can do. Do you think they have nipple confusion or aren’t quite handling the faster flow of milk from a bottle’s teat? Here are some reasons why babies reject the bottle, and what you can do to get them to take the bottle without stressing out.

Help my Baby Won’t Take a Bottle!

Is your Baby Rejecting the Bottle? Other than trying different bottles and teats, here

Bottle Feeding Special Teats

My baby wont drink from a bottle. This is a special teat for baby

Baby Wont Take a Bottle

Some babies are quite stubborn and will reject milk from a bottle and teat, as

Mums Share Tips for Starting Bottles

Mothers share their tips for introducing a bottle for their baby, and the difficult times

Starting Baby on a Bottle

Breastmates tips on how to start giving a baby a bottle, and what to do.

Switching Breast and Bottle

Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding is not always an easy task, baby's get fussy.