Feeding Stories

Real-life breastfeeding experiences from honest mums. Breastfeeding comes naturally to many mums, yet other mums struggle with establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship.

These inspiring and honest stories of breastfeeding by real mums give insight to one of the most private yet important aspects of the mother-baby relationship.

The unvarnished truth about breastfeeding – the good, the bad, and the things mums wish they’d been told – all here for you to learn from.

Lilly’s birth Story

Donna wanted to share her birth/breastfeeding journey so far in the hope it may inspire

How Long did you Breastfeed

A survey of mothers asking when they planned to wean their baby. Some great

A Very Hungry Baby

One mother share's her baby feeding story with us, baby was born underweight, was always

Allergic or Intolerant to Cows Milk Protein

Mothers share their experience with identifying allergies and intolerance to cows milk protein with their

Are my Breasts Still Making Milk?

Breastfeeding at the 3 month mark - your breasts wont be as full. But

Baby Born with Tooth

A mum shares her baby feeding journey with her four babies. Her last baby

Baby Friendly NZ or Tokyo

Difference in postnatal breastfeeding support between Japan and New Zealand

Baby in Neonatal Unit

One mother shares her experience of breastfeeding, and expressing to give breastmilk to her baby

Baby Not Getting Enough

Baby not getting enough milk and becoming unhealthy. Breasts not producing rich HIND milk.

BFing after C-Section

Breastfeeding after a C-Section, a mother shares her story about how she established breastfeeding