Nappy Warnings

Everything you ever wanted to know about baby poo, complete with photos! How often your baby has a wet or dirty nappy, and the consistency of the contents you’ll find inside, is a great indicator of their overall health. So what’s the deal with infant poo, especially those first few meconium nappies? Here’s what to expect at nappy time.

Out and About with Baby

What to pack in your Nappy Bag. To help you plan a day out,

Nappy Folds

How to fold cloth nappies. Recommended folding techniques that are EASY for your cotton

Cloth Nappy Setup

How to do Cloth Nappies and what setup you will need. Recommendations on how

Meconium – What to Expect

Meconium - Baby's First Poop. A little introduction and image so you can see

Baby Poo Guideline

Baby Poo - a Parents Guide to Poo Inspections. What different colour and texture

Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes are 100% cotton-toweling wipes which are soft and effective at wiping baby’s bottom.


Commentary on the use of cloth nappies and disposable nappies.

Meconium – Baby’s First Poo

What does meconium look like? A few photos and description so you know what

Baby Poo

Newborn baby poo, what it looks like for breastfed babies. A few sample photos