Home Birth

Giving birth in your own home can be comforting and enjoyable. If you’re keen to give birth in your own comfortable environment surrounded by family, a home birth might be just right for you. Home birth is a totally different atmosphere to a hospital or birthing centre, and mums who have shared their home birth stories offer great ideas and advice for having a successful home birth.

Stephanies Unexpected and Quick Labour at Home

Stephanie shares her unexpected and quick home delivery! Less than 20 minutes from calling the

Breech Baby and 2 hour labour

A mum shares her birth story with a very quick labour (1 hour and 50

Four Hour Labour

Birth Story: of a very quick labour at home, baby arrived before the midwife.

Home Birth

One mum shares her experience of having a homebirth for her third baby, baby was

Matilda’s Home Birth

A mum shares the story of her daughters home birth - labour wasn't progressing as

Natural Birth at River Ridge

Sarah shares her birth story, a naturally progressive labour with gas and pethidine. Though

Quick Birth in Bathroom at Home

A mum shares her birth story - 90 minutes from start to finish, at home

Undiagnosed breech birth at home

A wonderful undiagnosed breech birth at home. Michelle shares the story of her son's

Home Birth after Two C-Sections

Andrea tells her story of baby's arrival "I just delivered a baby naturally and at

Breathing Baby Out

Home birth story - shared by Kate