Which Pump for Me?

Confused about which breast pump you need? It all depends on how often you’ll be using it. How to choose the right breast pump for you, and use it successfully.

There are so many breast pumps available – manual pumps, electric pumps, double pumps, hospital-grade pumps, pumps designed for frequent use, pumps for mums who only plan to express breast milk occasionally.

Which pump will suit your situation best, and what equipment do you really need to establish breast milk expressing

Breast Pump Starter Kit

Breastmates Breast Pump Starter Kit, all the tools you need to pump and store breastmilk

Breastmates Wearable Breast Pumps – Pumping on the Go

Breastmates Wearable Breast Pump a game-changer that allows us to pump more freely and flexibly

Wearable Breast Pump Recommendation

Wearable Breast Pump recommendation

Choosing the right Breastshield Size

Many women are not aware that breast pumps shields come in different sizes, and that

Questions about the Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Questions about the Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Shopping for a Portable Breast Pump

What are some recommendations for portable breast pump - for high use, which I can

Freemie breast pump

Freemie Breast Pump?

Breast Pump for Shared Feeding then Returning to Work

Would love some advise on breast pumps as I'm returning to work soon and plan

Should I buy a Breast Pump Before Baby Arrives?

Pregnant? it can be advantageous to buy a breast pump before baby arrives.

Pumping for Work Two Days a Week

A mum is researching what sort of breast pump would suit for pumping two days