Breastfeeding Videos

Our helpful breastfeeding videos will show you how to breastfeed with success. Sometimes seeing someone else breastfeed is the best way to understand how it all works!

Our collection of breastfeeding videos will show you successful latching, infant feeding, and how to establish breastfeeding, as well as how to use a breast pump and what to do when faced with common breastfeeding problems.

Free Breastfeeding App

Free Breastfeeding App for support, info, encouragement when you need. Download from the App

Breastfeeding NZ DVD

Mums across New Zealand are giving their babies the best start in life. And now

Breastfeeding Video

A breastfeeding video showing how baby latches and sucks. Recorded by Breastmates

My Youtube Turned into Movie

My baby crying sound recording is used in an animated movie, someone found it on

Nursing Baby

Nursing Baby on Video. A demonstration on how baby latches to breast and nurses.

Tired Baby

Breastfeeding Video - showing baby tired signs and cues that the baby is too tired

Video: Breast Pump Noises

We have made some videos of Breast Pumps so that you can listen to the

Video: Breastfeeding Sounds

Video of baby breastfeeding. Suckling and happily having a booby feed. You can hear

Video: Latching a Baby

Breastmates quick demo video to show you a baby latching for a breastfeed. A

Video: Waiting for Letdown

Breastfeeding video showing how babies can get a bit grumpy and impatient waiting for milk