Assisted Labour

Sometimes, baby needs a bit of help from medical professionals. Sometimes, baby needs a little bit of help to make an entrance. From forceps to ventouse deliveries, episiotomies and tears, turning breech babies, induction of labour, overdue babies and more, these stories of medical interventions during labour are informative and positive.

What happens to my perineum during labour?

Caution: Taboo topic ahead! Chances are you’ve heard furtive whispers about things that can happen

Rachael’s Birth Story

Rachael shares her birth story - which didn't quite go to plan due to a

Sharlene’s Birth Story of Aidan

Sharlene share's the birth story of her son Aidan...... She found it traumatic

10 Pound Baby Quick Labour

A mum shares the story of how she naturally delivered her 10 pound baby in

Baby Born with Breathing Trouble

A mum shares her birth story, and after labour experience where her son had breathing

Baby in Distress

A mum shares her birth story,they tried to speed up contractions after her waters broke

Baby Not Breathing

One mum shares her birth story, how baby was born not breathing and was whisked

Baby Very Stuck

Naomi shares her birth story __________________ I was induced the day after my due date

Baby Well Over Due

Birth story shared by a mum - baby was long overdue. She had

Contractions Didn’t Increase

A mum shares her birth story, how contractions never got closer together and she had