Mums tell about the different types of infant formula, and how to choose. What baby formula should you buy, and how do you prepare it once you’re back home? How do you deal with making up bottles when you’re out and about? And what’s the deal with noseyparkers commenting about your feeding choices when you’re standing in the infant formula aisle at the supermarket? Here’s what you need to know about infant formula, from real mums.

What Baby Formula to Buy

Baby Formula, and deciding what milk powder of formula to buy for your baby.

Bottle Prep When You Go Out

How to prepare baby bottles of formula when going out for the day.

Milk Leftover in Bottle

Can baby drink leftover formula from the previous feed? Can I reheat formula?

Lactose Free Formula

Mums suggest different types of lactose free formula for baby, and how some of these

Total Cost of Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding baby from newborn to 18 months. This page calculates the quantity of

How to Prepare Baby Formula

Preparing baby bottles, mixing up the formula and getting their bottle ready. How to

Storing and Heating Formula (mums tips)

Formula feeding your baby and not sure how to store the powder and water when

Daily Routine for Bottle Feeding

Suggested daily routine for preparing bottles of formula. store them in the fridge ready

Mums Talk About Buying Formula

Which formula to buy? How do you know what formula to choose? A hundred