Plus Size Mums and Feeding

Real mums tell about breastfeeding when you’re full-figured. Breastfeeding when you’re a bit on the full-figured side has its own challenges, but it’s definitely possible.

Plus-sized mums tell how they successfully breastfed their babies and give tips on feeding with large breasts.

Glamour Photo

A gorgeous photo of mum and baby breastfeeding

Nursing with Large Breasts

Women with large size breasts, is nursing her baby. This lady is a G

Breast Reduction

Breastfeeding after Breast Reduction and Nipple Surgeries

Nursing with Big Boobs

Breastfeeding with Big Boobs? Don't let anyone tell you its not possible.

Breastfeeding with Larger Breasts

breastfeeding with larger breasts. We have some photos to share with you, and hope

Feeding with Large Breasts

A beautiful breastfeeding photo of mother and baby

Full Figure Breasts and Nursing

How to breastfeed a baby with full figure breasts. 14F size mum shares her

Bottle to Breast

One mother shares her experience of bottle feeding (expressed milk) and then eventually fully breastfeeding.

Breast Reduction Surgery & BF

One mum shares her experience of having a breast reduction surgery, and YES being able