Behind The Scenes

Here’s a few glimpses Behind-the-Scenes on different projects we’re working on

Maternity Clothes in Hamilton

If you're a mum-to-be based in Waikato NZ - you are welcome to pop over

Local maternity photo shoot with Mums

Photoshoot here in Cambridge New Zealand with two local mums

Breastfeeding Pillows (made in NZ)

Behind the Scenes Pics where our Breastfeeding Pillows are Made

My Design & Production Process

A little blurb from Franny of Breastmates, about the design and production process involved in

China Factory and Fabric Trip 2019

Here's a few pics from my recent trip to China, where I was at the

Franny McInnes Gives a Ted Talk

Franny McInnes (founder of Breastmates) speaking debut at a Tedx Event.

Speaking Events

I was a guest speaker at an event in Cambridge - sharing the story of

Maternity Design: Drop of Colour

Maternity Design - is living my dream job, as I've slowly grown my business over

A little story of my brand

A little history of how Breastmates has grown over the years. Starting out

Interaction with Humans

This customer feedback came at a time when I needed to hear it.