Caesarean Section

A C-section is a different kind of birth, but it doesn’t make you less of a mum. Are you planning a C-section, or concerned you might need an emergency C-section after labour has begun naturally? A C-section doesn’t have to be a scary experience, and many mums found their aesereans to be a lot easier than they expected. Learn about C-sections from their honest stories.

Vasa Previa

Kirstie share's her experience of Vasa Previa

Rachel had a c-section for her 5.11 kg baby

My recovery from the c-section  was pretty quick and my scar healed nicely....

Baby Didn’t Engage

Xana shares her birth story which started off as an induction and lead to emergency

C-Section Photo

Photo taken at Cesarean Section - baby just removed from uterus and surgeon cutting the

Caesarean Section Recoveries

Recovery from Cesarean Section deliveries: one hundred mums share their experience of recovery after their

Less Dilated

A mum shares the birth story of her son. Long initial labour stage, contractions

Support for VBAC

Supportive words from lots of mums who have had Vaginal Births after a Cesarean Section.

VBAC Attempt

This mum attempts a VBAC, and she laboured really well but at 5cm dilation baby

C-Section Recovery MUST Follow

With Caesarean births, also known as C-sections, taking place in around 25% of all births

Baby in Distress

A mum shares her birth story,they tried to speed up contractions after her waters broke