Bottle Feeding Special Teats

Franny from Breastmates shares some insight into her love of the Chu Chu Teats.


With my second son, I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting him to drink from a bottle. He just prefers breastfeeding cuddles too much! We have tried so many different bottles with him, but most times he was getting stressed out. Stressed baby to the max = stressed mummy!!

I use to stock a range of bottles and teats and nipples on my website, because customers have different preferences. So I was getting them all out to try them. Avent, Medela, Tommee Tippee, Pur, WeeGo, Green to Grow, Adiri. Yes they are all great products, but we had different success of feeding our baby with them.

I find a lot of those teats, when you tip the bottle up to feed baby the milk just pours out. This filled my son’s mouth with milk (which he didn’t want to drink) so I thought he was going to choke.

I have refound my love for the “Chu Chu Teats“. I used these with my first son (and hadn’t seen them in the shops since). My first son had 2 of these teats which we used all the time, and they got worn out.  But they were good because we didn’t need to change the flowrate on them, the teats were suitable for birth to weaning.

With baby number two, I went on a mission to find the supplier for the Chu Chu teats, so I got some for myself. Yes I love them the best. They work!!

Chu Chu teats are the only teats that work the exact same way as a nipple. The milk only flows out when the baby sucks and latches like on a breast. So it doesnt flood baby’s mouth with milk.

These teats are ideal for baby’s that are refusing the bottle, and rejecting the bottle.

These teats are available at our online maternity store.  We also have lots of resources for breastfeeding and bottle feeding problems.

I’ve done a little recording demo to show you how the Chu Chu teats work.

[And we have discontinued selling the teats that didn’t work so well for us, such as the Adiri]

** The Chu Chu teats fit any standard bottle, with narrow neck. Such as the Medela bottles. Teat diameter is 3.8 cm.  They do not fit the Avent brand or Closer To Nature which have wide necks **