Breastpump Spare Parts

Common questions about breast pump parts and accessories Useful information and diagrams on breast pump spare parts and accessories.

Most breast pumps come with everything you need in one box, but others are more basic and require you to purchase additional accessories.

And some of your breast pump parts will need replacing if you’re a frequent user, or if you’ve purchased a secondhand breast pump and want new accessories to ensure hygiene.

Sometimes you can personalise your breast pump for a better expressing experience by changing breast shield sizes or bottles. Here’s what you need to know.

Wearable Breast Pump Parts

Do you have a wearable breast pump and now wondering how to find spare parts

Breast Pumping Kit – Recommendations

It's a lot of work and commitment to pump for your baby, we applaud you!  

Choosing the right Breastshield Size

Many women are not aware that breast pumps shields come in different sizes, and that

Breast Pump Parts NZ

Breast Pump parts for medela, unimom, avent

Medela Single Breast Pump Parts

We discuss the spare parts for the Medela Single breast pump (Swing, Swing Flex, Solo)

Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump Parts- Different versions

Medela Swing Maxi - the double breast pump has gone through 3 model changes.

Avent Breast Pump Parts – online at Breastmates

Breastmates is the NZ stockist for Avent breast pump parts.  We keep these in stock

Swing Breast Pump – old and new models

Upgrading an original Swing Breast Pump to new Flex

Medela Freestyle Parts – Original and Flex

Medela Freestyle breast pump - spare parts for the original and new generation flex breast

Medela Pump in Style (Spare Parts)

Pump in Style Breast Pump Parts