Breast Pump Problem Solving

Troubleshooting when your breast pump isn’t working properly. Is your breast pump not working, or is your particular pump not working for you?

Here are solutions to common breast pump problems and issues, and how to troubleshoot a breast pump that isn’t working properly.

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Choosing the right Breastshield Size

Many women are not aware that breast pumps shields come in different sizes, and that

Swing Breast Pump – old and new models

Upgrading an original Swing Breast Pump to new Flex

Medela Flex Breast Pumps

We go through the differences of spares parts for the new range of Medela Flex

How To Use Silicone Breast Pump

We've worked alongside one of our amazing customers, who was brave and confident enough to

Sterilising your Unimom Breast Pump and Equipment

Unimom suggested guidelines for sterilising your breast pump equipment.

Unimom Breast Pump Parts

What parts to inspect for wear'n'tear on your Unimom Breast Pump

Unimom Breast Pump – Checklist

Unimom Breast Pump - check list for your pump working correctly

Unimom Breast Pump – Air Leak

Unimom Breast Pump Spare Parts - & Trouble Shooting

Avent Electric Pump Trouble Shooting

Avent Electric Breast Pump - Trouble shooting guideline if your avent electric pump is not

Breast Pump Tight

Breast Pump Sizes - How to tell if the breast pump shield is a suitable