Breastfeeding Help

Help and support with common questions and concerns about breastfeeding. Establishing breastfeeding can be challenging but is ultimately rewarding for both mother and baby.

Here is expert advice on breastfeeding and answers to your common questions and concerns about breastfeeding your baby.

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Extreme Painful Breastfeeding Could be Raynauds

Extreme Painful Breastfeeding Could be Raynauds - shared experiences from other mums

How to reduce a Fast Milk Flow

Mums share their advice for dealing with fast milk flow that baby struggles with....

Tips if you have Raynauds Pain with Breastfeeding

Managing Raynauds and Breastfeeding, and suggestions for a quick treatment if you are experiencing pain

How to Sooth Sore Nipples

 Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, they say. But what happens if it does hurt? What can you

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Little hands: What your newborn is trying to tell you

Does your newborn wave, flail, and try to grasp your breast with their little hands

How Long for Your Milk to Come In (after c-section)?

C-Section Mums share their experience on "How Long Did it Take for Your Milk to

Did your Baby Have Tongue Tie

Did your baby have tongue tie? How did you identify it, and how long before

Free Breastfeeding App

Free Breastfeeding App for support, info, encouragement when you need. Download from the App

When to Use a Nipple Shield

Use a Nipple Shield when breastfeeding if you have damaged nipples, inverted nipples or baby