Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy is exciting, but there’s so much to think about! We’ll set you straight. It’s an exhilarating time, and the amazing changes your body undergoes for the nine months of pregnancy can be a little bit overwhelming. There are just so many things to think about!

From scans to antenatal tests, morning sickness to preparing for labour and birth, we’ve got answers to all of your burning questions about pregnancy.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – how to survive

Hyperemesis gravidarum: Mums share their support

What is nesting, and why am I doing it?

Nesting is instinctual behaviour is, as so many things seem to be during pregnancy, related

How Do I Know I’m in Labour?

 Is it labour or false alarm?


Pre-eclampsia is a condition all pregnant mums should be aware of, so you can monitor

Why your pelvic floor health is important for pregnancy (and beyond)

Looking after your pelvic floor is more important than you may realise.

Pregnancy Support Belt – Review and Video with Erin

Pregnant Mama-to-Be Erin was suffering a sore back and hips with her pregnancy,

Packing Labour Bag

Some of our top recommendations to pack in your labour bag

What happens to my perineum during labour?

Caution: Taboo topic ahead! Chances are you’ve heard furtive whispers about things that can happen

Pregnancy Support Belt – Mums

Reviews from Mums about the Pregnancy Support Belt

Gestational diabetes: What is it, how to deal with it

Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that occurs when a pregnant mum has high levels