Here’s what real mums say about having labour induced. Labour can be induced for a number of reasons and is usually designed to help preserve the health of both mother and baby. But what is induction of labour, and how is it done? Real mums explain when, why, and how their labour was induced.

Rachael’s Birth Story

Rachael shares her birth story - which didn't quite go to plan due to a

Sharlene’s Birth Story of Aidan

Sharlene share's the birth story of her son Aidan...... She found it traumatic

Baby in Distress

A mum shares her birth story,they tried to speed up contractions after her waters broke

Csection at 31 Week

A story of baby's arrival, a cesaeran performed at 31 weeks due to blood pressure

Episiotomy and Vontouse Suction

A mum shares her birth story, starting with induction (breaking waters) to start contractions, episiotomy

Induction at 35 Weeks

"A mum shares her birth story - induction at 35 weeks due to the risk

Labour Didn’t Progress

A mum shares her birth story, an induced labour that didn't progress and resulted in

Sub Septum in Uterus

This mum is prone to miscarry due to a sub-septum in her uterus, meaning it

Home Birth after Two C-Sections

Andrea tells her story of baby's arrival "I just delivered a baby naturally and at

40 hour Labour

We met when he came over to Canada on a work Visa. After a whirlwind