Kitting out your baby’s nursery, one thing at a time. What do you really need for a newborn? Essential advice on your newborn baby’s layette, nursery furniture and equipment, and products and ideas to make life with a new baby just that bit easier

What can my baby see?

Being able to see and use your eyes may seem like it just comes naturally,

Cute but useless: 5 baby products you shouldn’t waste your money on

Does your baby really need a bath thermometer? Here are five cute but useless baby

Is this cradle cap?

Simple and natural tips for treating your baby's cradle cap.

What to Pack in your Birthing Bag

Are you getting yourself ready to have your baby but you're not sure what

Baby Comforters

Baby Comforters. Help baby to self settle in the middle of the night

Merino Baby Clothes

Warm, cosy, cute, and quality merino baby clothing now in stock

Tummy Time

A demonstration of baby having a nice tummy time on the carpet.

Natural Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen that is safe for babies. Minimal chemical content (required to provide SPF factor)

Lamaze Toys

These Lamaze Toys are so adorable, they are bright and colourful and make noises when

What to Pack in Nappy Bag

Just a list of all the things that we have in our nappy bag today,