Parent Prep

Detailed advice for new parents on the first few weeks and months with baby. Coming home from the hospital with your precious new bundle, you may feel a rosy glow and think that everything is just perfect. But when you’re on your own with a newborn, how will you cope? Here are answers to common questions and concerns about newborn babies, including help with learning their tired and hungry cues, what to expect in those first few days and weeks, and how to start getting your body back after baby.

How to cope with newborn sleep deprivation

How to cope with newborn sleep deprivation

What is nesting, and why am I doing it?

Nesting is instinctual behaviour is, as so many things seem to be during pregnancy, related

Myth vs Fact: Newborn sleep

Myths vs Facts. 5 Newborn Sleep Myths Debunked

How Do I Know I’m in Labour?

 Is it labour or false alarm?

First 24 Hours with Baby

A rundown of what to expect in the very First Day of your baby's life.

Pumping and How to Share Feeds with my Partner

I'm trying to figure out our plan of attack for breastfeeding, and would like some

Maternity Pads – DIY with Witch Hazel

Make your own post-delivery maternity pads

My Baby Won’t Sleep Unless She’s Breastfeeding

My baby is strictly breastfed but won't sleep unless she's latched, help! I need

How to get Toddler off Dummy

Hey mama - any tips for getting my toddler off a dummy?

How to Sooth Sore Nipples

 Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, they say. But what happens if it does hurt? What can you