Storage and Warming

How to safely wash, sterilise, prepare and store bottles. Your baby’s milk, whether expressed breast milk or infant formula, needs to be handled carefully to ensure it isn’t contaminated by bacteria that could make your baby sick.

Here’s what you need to know about safely washing and sterilising your baby’s bottles and feeding equipment, and how to prepare and store bottles of expressed breast milk or infant formula to keep your baby healthy.

Safe Breast Milk Handling

Safe Handling Techniques of Breast Milk Breast milk is often referred to as “liquid gold”

Mum Hack for Bottle Sterilising

a little mumhack to save you lot of time in pumping admin

Click and Go Bottle Warmer FAQ

FAQ about how the Click'n'Go Bottle Warmer works

What bottle and sterilising gear do I need for my breast pump?

What do you need to keep your bottle feeding stuff clean and healthy for bub

Storing Breast Milk

Expressing breast milk and working. We have some tips on storage, defrosting, and warming

Can I Mix Milk from Different Pumping Sessions?

Can I mix breast milk from different pumping sessions? A few guidelines.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags made by Swisspers, are available online at Breastmates. They are

Do NOT use a Microwave to Warm Bottles

How to heat baby bottles without using a microwave. How to heat formula,

Bottle Prep When You Go Out

How to prepare baby bottles of formula when going out for the day.

Milk Leftover in Bottle

Can baby drink leftover formula from the previous feed? Can I reheat formula?