Breast Drips Milk

Leaking Boobs:  a customer asked us this question recently…

I was wondering if you had a product that could help me. My problem is while I am breast feeding, my other breast is literally dripping milk down my front in a steady stream. I am using 3 breast pads to try and stop this, but it is not enough. Do you have anything for sale that can help – is there a way of collecting the milk and stopping it at the nipple rather than going through copious amounts ofbreast pads?”

YES a lot of mothers actually have this happened.  We have a product that can collect the milk from one breast while you are nursing baby at the other

Some women find these better than using breast pads, and the precious droplets of milk quickly accumulate.  These can be frozen and saved for baby.

Also try putting some pressure on your nipple, its an old wives tale. Gentle pressure applied over the nipple should reduce the amount of milk and the letdown sensation.