Parent Prep

Detailed advice for new parents on the first few weeks and months with baby. Coming home from the hospital with your precious new bundle, you may feel a rosy glow and think that everything is just perfect. But when you’re on your own with a newborn, how will you cope? Here are answers to common questions and concerns about newborn babies, including help with learning their tired and hungry cues, what to expect in those first few days and weeks, and how to start getting your body back after baby.

Love the Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap - a shared story of how a moby wrap changed this mothers life.

How to settle a crying baby

Crying baby? Here are lots of suggestions on ways that you can soothe an

How Cranial Osteopathy can help Unsettled Newborns

Cranial osteopathy has become a popular treatment for babies following birth however many parents feel

Sounds of Hungry Baby

Signs that baby is hungry. Recommended to feed baby before they get distressed and


An insight into the treatment of baby jaundice using phototherapy, one mum shares her experience.

Cord Stump

Baby's cord stump - what to expect with a newborn baby's cord stump. Black

Coming Home with Baby

Coming home with a new baby. Now what do I do?

Breastfeeding in Hospital

Breastfeeding - how do I know if my baby wants a feed. Breastfeeding posters

What is Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting | What is Attachment Parenting | Where Did it

Lotus Birth

A Lotus Birth? One of our New Zealand mums writes about her experience of