Breast Reduction

A mum on our Breastmates Facebook community has asked: “have any of you successfully breastfed after having a breast reduction?”

So we asked the community for some feedback and tips, here are their comments.

  • l have a friend who successfully feed both her kids for 3 months after a breast reduction and had no problems
  • I also have a friend who has successfully fed 3 childrens after a breast reduction with no issues
  • Did anyone find they still had to supplement their feeds? i have had a reduction and due with first bub in 3 months, not really sure what to expect
  • Yep my friend has 3 times
  • I really wish that I could have. I still haven’t got all of the feeling back (it’s been 10 years). When I had my boy I tried everything I could but to no avail. It can’t work for everyone I suppose but I truly wish you all the best!
  • I haven’t had a breast reduction but had trouble feeding, this site has lots of tips.
  • I recommend this site to people who have had breast reduction and nipple surgeries:
  • The forums are great and so much useful information. Depending on the skill of the surgeon, he/she may have damaged milk ducts and/or reduced sensation in the nipple and areola area. I know of lots of mums who were only able to breastfeed from one breast, and did so until the self-weaned.
  • I’ve had a tumor removed, slightly different I know but nipple was reattached, some ducts removed and tissue rearranged. Wasn’t sure if I would be able to feed but had #2 just over a year after that surgery and fed until it suddenly stopped producing when she was 6 months (probably due to solids). There was definitely reduced sensation on the surface but a bit of pain from engorgement around the scars.
  • It’s really something that I approached a day at a time, fully prepared to feed just from one side, top up with formula (which we did during hospital stay as milk took longer to come in on that side) or formula feed completely. I recommend asking your LMC about having a visit from a lactation consultant. All the best with bubs 🙂
  • I was able to breastfeed but they weren’t as sensitive (I had only had it done 13 months before my daughter was born – had I known I was going to get pregnant that year I would have waited). The lack of sensitivity and a lazy feeder meant that I had less milk supply. But things should be better next time especially after having fed the first – even though I had to use a formula top-up as well.

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