Csection at 31 Week

Brookes birth story for Ayla

(Written by Brookes Mum)


Brooke had been going along quite well but with a very labile blood pressure. Scans showed baby to be exact weight for her dates.

Several admissions (over the last 4 weeks – 27 to 31 weeks gestation) to the delivery suite to allow regular monitoring started to paint the picture. Medications weren’t doing anything to bring the ‘numbers’ down.

Monday she was admitted for the duration – until she delivered as protein began to show in her urine.

Brooke thought she felt good but was happy to stay. Jack has been right there and they have both asked many questions. Brooke had her medication times and was sure to ask for it if it was late! They have managed all of this with great courage.

Wednesday 21 May her blood pressure continued to rise, medications not effective, more protein in very little urine output so the decision was made to take Brooke to theatre as baby was sending signals for delivery…. gestation 31.6 weeks. Brooke had been given steroids to prepare baby’s lungs.

So there was quick planning to get Jack back in and the usual preparation continued. I was lucky to know the Docs involved and Dr Lindy suggested I go along and managed to get the anaethetist consent……another story but the medical staff involved have been supreme and gave Jack and Brooke confidence.

So off to theatre we all went!  Gramps waited back until after delivery and then met up again.

A spinal anaesthetic allowed Brooke to be awake throughout the procedure.  Jack was right there in his lovely blue scrubs and was ready to go!! He was just awesome.

The theatre had many groups ready – teams to manage baby, obstetric team, anaesthic team, midwife etc.,etc.. and still a rising Blood Pressure.

So at 1858 the tiny wee Ayla was delivered and held up for her parents to see. Such an emotional moment and a few seconds of quiet then baby started to have lots to say which was music to our ears!

Dad cut the cord and was right up close to see all going on with the Paediatric team, Ayla was wrapped and handed to Brooke and Jack to have a few very special minutes with her before she went to Neo Natal with Jack, and I stayed with Brooke.


NNU phoned theatre to tell Brooke Ayla weighed 1440 grams (3lb3oz) and doing well.

Today Ayla is breathing unassisted in air, nestled in her new incubator and a wee personality is developing! Brooke and Jack have had their fist skin to skin cuddles and kangaroo care and will do so now each day.

So many thanks to all who have provided relentless support along the way to Brooke and Jack and they are looking forward to introducing you all to Ayla.