Sub Septum in Uterus

Here is a birth story, as shared by Jaymie

I only have one child but it took 2 previous miscarriages before I got my bundle of joy.

I have what they call a sub-septum in my uterus and it is only open about 3cm at the bottom. That means I’m prone to miscarry and will never have a natural birth.

My son was a c-section because he only had half a uterus to grow in to in my womb.   Then when he grew too big he got stuck feet first so was breach.

I had no choice but to have a c-section.

I didn’t even get to start labour, as the c-section was booked for a week before his due date.

I feel a bit ripped off about that because I have a child but don’t know what childbirth is really like.

Anyway that’s my story and I hope to have another child in a few years so hope that one will be ok