Medela Teats

A customer asked us a question about finding Medela Teats.

She wrote “Just wondering if you or you know of where I can get Medela teats from? Have tried various pharmacies to no avail, just wondering if you stock them. What teat, (if you don’t stock) would you recommend to go on the Medela bottles for a newborn?”

Well we can confirm that she has been on a wild goose hunt looking forMedela teats. The NZ distributor of Medela does not import the medela teats, (even though they have all the other medela stuff). This seems a little odd, but the NZ company worries about the World Health Organisation rules about marketing teats etc. So they just don’t supply them.

So anyway, we recommend the Chu Chu teats, and yes these fit on medela bottles.

The beauty with these Chu Chu teats is that they work the same way as a nipple. Even if the bottle is tipped upside down the milk will only come out when baby “works” and sucks properly. So they are a good way to mix breast and bottle feeding. Although they are a bit pricey, the same teat is suitable for newborn right up to weaning, as the baby controls the flow. Unlike other brands of teats that you have to upgrade the size as baby gets older.