Buying Bottle Teats

A few common questions that we get asked about bottles and teats.

Can you use the Avent teats with the Medela bottles? no, the avent teats have wide necks and will not fit the medela bottles.

Are there other teats you can use with the Medela bottles other than the Chu Chu ones?

The medela bottles are narrow neck, and they will fit any brand of narrow neck teat, it doesn’t just have to be the Chu Chu teat. (The Chu Chu ones are just the ones that we like best and recommend). You can buy narrow neck teats at the supermarket, there are lots of brands and budget ones too that all come in Narrow Neck as the default size.  Medela NZ don’t import any teats.

The only teats that we know of that won’t fit the medela bottles are the Avent and Closer to Nature.

How many teats do you need?

We always recommend that you get the same number of teats as the number of bottles. But basically you only need one bottle and one teat, you’ll just have to wash and sterilize it every time you need to use it. That’s why people get a few spares.