5 Tips for Bottle Feeding

Five simple steps to follow when formula feeding baby with a bottle.

1: Hygiene

Wash baby bottles and teats thoroughly to ensure there is no milk residue.  Use hot soapy water and a bottle brush.  You can use the top rack of the dishwasher.  And a steriliser.

2: Follow the Instructions

You must always make up baby’s bottle following the instructions on the tin precisely.  Mixing the exact amout of water and formula powder is crucial – otherwise your baby could go hungry, or end up constipated.  Different brands of formula have different requirements, so always check the tin.  Also make sure that you are using clean, preboiled then cooled water.

3. Heat Safely

Microwave heating of bottles is quick, but it gives an uneven result that can burns babies mouth.  Instead use hot water from the jug mixed with some cold water.  Or heat the water in the microwave, shake well, and then add powder and shake again.  * Only heat the milk/powder when you need it*

4.Throw out Left Overs

A mixed up baby bottle should only be warmed and offered to baby for one feeding time.  If there is any milk left in the bottle after feeding time, throw it away.

5. No bad habits

Try not to let your baby fall asleep sucking the bottle. This is a bad habit and it will make it harder for you in the long run.  Put your baby to bed when they have had enough, rather than letting them suck and settle their way to sleep on a bottle.