How to Prepare Baby Formula

Here are a few steps on how to prepare a bottle of baby formula for your child.

Boil the kitchen kettle well before feeding time, so that the water can cool to room temperature before it is time to mix up the bottle.

Some people will make up the bottle using water that has boiled and then cooled which they might keep in a jug in the fridge. They might heat this chilled water in the microwave to get it to a suitable temperature for baby, before adding the formula.  If you do this, ensure that you tip out the container of water after 12 hours and wash the jug thoroughly.

Beforehand ensure that all feeding equipment, bottles, and teats are washed in soapy water and sterilized before use.  Check with your microwave sterilizer, as different sterilizers keep the contents sterile for X hours.  Alternatively you can sterilize equipment in a saucepan of boiling water – just make sure that the water is actually boiling for 5 minutes.

We also suggest that you only prepare one bottle at a time, as close as possible to feeding time.  However if you do prepare a bottle in advance, keep it at the back of the fridge for a less than 12 hours.  You need to tip out the bottle if it has been in the fridge for more than 12 hours.

Bottle Preparation

  • Before preparing baby formula, wash your hands
  • Measure the required amount of water (which you have boiled and allowed to cool) into your sterilized bottle.
  • Use the scoop provided with the baby formula tin, add the required amount of scoops into the bottle of water, level the scoop off with the edge of the tin.
  • Add the bottle lid and cap, shake well until the powder dissolves.  You will need to tip the bottle upside down and shake hard, otherwise will get lumps in the bottom.
  • Remove the lid, and add the bottle teat.
  • Before feeding your baby, always make sure that the formula is the correct temperature.  Tip a few drops on the back of your wrist where the veins are, and you shouldnt feel any difference in temperature.

*Note that the formula tins always have their own special measuring scoop enclosed, because different brands will require different amounts.  Most formula require you add one level scoop of powder per 50 mL of water.

* the number of scoops, and volume of water, that you add to the bottle will depend on the age of your baby and how much they need to drink per feed.  The formula tin will have a guideline so that you can work it out, or you can see our estimates of baby drinking volumes.

Always make sure that you throw away any unfinished bottle.

Never heat the formula twice.