Blocked Milk Ducts

The key to blocked milk duct treatment and prevention is to remove the milk by breastfeeding your baby frequently.  Feed baby frequently and long enough to make sure they remove all the milk from your breast.  Feed baby from the affected side, and if your breast does not feel empty you could try to use a breast pump or hand express afterwards.

You can try to drain the breast better by pointing baby’s chin towards the affected area.   Or if your baby won’ t co-operate with a different position/angle you could try to hand express using your thumb.

Apply heat and massage – hot flannels and heat packs.  Also massage the area while in a warm shower or bath.  Massage from your armpit down to your nipple.

Apply heat packs to your breasts before feeding – the heat will enable the milk ducts to open better and allow for better milk drainage.

Get enough rest , if you can!

Signs for Concern

When a plugged duct persists and is accompanied by additional symptoms, it may be a sign of an infection that requires medical treatment.

Other symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Sudden onset of chills
  • General feeling of being unwell
  • Nausea