Out and About with Baby

Planning a trip out with a baby can be something akin to a military exercise! Bagloads of paraphernalia, prams and carriers, nappies, wet wipes, creams, pacifiers, spare clothing, snacks… The list is seemingly endless. And of course the outing all depends on whether you can actually get yourself out of your pyjamas in time…

To help you plan a day out, we’ve put together a list of the basics you’ll need to pack for baby.

  • Nappies: Given the amount of time you’ll be away from home, plan accordingly and pack a few to allow for several nappy changes, and then throw in a few extra for good measure. If you’re usingmodern cloth nappies, take spare liners too.  (Perhaps even store a few nappies and  plastic bag in the boot of your car)
  • Baby wipes: Quite possibly the best invention since sliced bread and one of your nappy bag staple items. Not only are they handy for wiping bottoms, but they’re great for cleaning grubby hands and faces, as well as wiping off messes on clothing and upholstery. Get yourself a re-sealable container and replenish it regularly with baby wipes.
  • Nappy cream and/or skin lotion: The smaller travel-sized versions of the bigger bum creams and lotions are ideal for squeezing into nappy bags, and some hand sanitiser would not go amiss either.
  • Nappy sacks: A dirty nappy can stink up not only the nappy bag, but your whole car! Avoid those smelly situations and wrap soiled nappies in a disposable nappy sack or bag to throw away when you can. If you’re using modern cloth nappies, bring along a washable wet bag to tote them home in.
  • Change of clothes: Allowing for variations in weather, pack a cooler or warmer outfit for baby and a spare change of clothes in case of any accidents. Consider throwing in a spare T-shirt for yourself too. And if it’s a sunny day, don’t forget a hat for your baby.
  • Breast Pads for yourself  (and store some in your car for emergencies too).  There’s nothing worse than having a letdown and soaking through your tshirt while you’re at the shops!
  • Wraps or burp cloths: Handy as impromptu pram covers, changing mats, swaddles, or as a cover when you’re breastfeeding, muslin wraps are so versatile, and burp cloths can even double as wipes if you get really desperate.
  • Changing mat: Usually folding up to fit in your baby bag, a change mat is ideal for using in public facilities. Give it a good wash regularly to ensure it’s safe and hygienic.
  • Bottles, formula, or food: Depending on how you feed your baby, you might need extra bottles, formula, expressed breast milk, or food and snacks. Specially designed one-serving formula dispensers are ideal for use when you’re out and about, as you can pre-measure the correct amount of formula for each feed. Fresh fruit or baby snacks are great for popping into your baby bag. And bring along a water bottle and a muesli bar for yourself in case you get stuck somewhere.
  • Dummies, comforters, special toys: Your baby’s favourite toy or comforter is a must, and a spare dummy is a good idea in case one is dropped or lost.

Yes, we know it seems like a lot! Many mums like to keep their nappy bag already packed with the majority of these items, so you don’t have to go hunting all over the house when it’s time to head out the door. You’re not packing for a weeklong trip overseas (although it may feel like it at times), and fortunately, as your baby gets older, you will be able to leave the house without having to take half the contents of your baby’s nursery along with you. And if you do forget something, take heart: We’ve all been there, done that!

Good luck!