Helping with New Baby

We did a survey with a group of mothers that already had their babies.  We asked “what was the nicest bestest thing that YOU received when your baby was born.”

Lots of people give baby shower gifts like clothing, rompers, booties, and toys.  A few will give flowers etc, but here are some honest comments from mothers about the things that were the best gifts!

You will be surprised by what so many mothers say.  Its not really the gift you buy, but its what you can do to help.

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  • I had my mother in law stay and she helped with housework and cooking, she made sure I was never hungry or thirsty so I could concentrate on being a new mum – was a god send in that first week or so at home.
  • My local churched organised dinners every second night for two weeks
  • My best friend cooked a weeks worth of meals that we could freeze and also bought me a pamper pack and my newborn a a starter kit for cot etc I thought this was fab. Not to mention a bottle of champagne and sushi first day home from hospital; compliments of hubby.
  • With my first baby, a friend gave me some Green Acres vouchers for some help with the housework, and second baby they gave me Rocket Kitchen vouchers to buy frozen meals! Both were a fantastic help!
  • My favourite thing was a pamper pack that a friend made up for me. Just had lots of nice little things in it – hot chocolate sachets, bubble bath, some candles, chocolate…and other things like that
  • book, “save our sleep” by Tizzie Hall its the best book i was given!!! it has everything for the first two years incl feeding tips, solids, and routines! i still use it every week!
  • my mom coming over for the first few day after i gave birth – cooking meals for us and doing the chores. because after a long labour, you need to get all the rest you can get and just bond with your baby.
  • The best thing for me was having dinners cooked for us almost every night for a month by friends and family and having my sister-in-law (who is the greatest!) come and do housework whenever she was over. Cleaning is the absolute LAST thing I felt like doing!
  • a friend came over and sent me out, cleaned my house, cooked us dinner and even ironed my husband’s work shirts. Time away from the house and coming home to it clean and dinner on… nothing can beat that.
  • cloth nappies!! we love them and have never gone back its the best
  • The Tracey Hogg Baby Whisperer book, a go go bag and cooked dinners
  • Voucher for family portarits at the local Photographer’ studio- was fantastic!! We wouldn’t have got them done if we hadn’t been given the voucher!
  • A whole lot of snack food for those middle-of-the-night-feeding munchies
  • staying with my amazing mother – she did all the cooking, cleaning, and settling the baby to sleep when I was too exhausted in the first few weeks. Accept all the help you can get in the first 6 weeks – it will make all the difference!
  • Nicest thing – people coming and taking Olivia so I could have a sleep, and doing dishes etc so when I got up – I felt refreshed and the house was sort-of orderly! Also, kind ears to listen when I felt like i was out of my depth!
  • A couple of weeks of 1/2 hour time outs for me love from my mum and husband. Material objects wise… I would say feeding bras that fit!
  • When our first was born (i.e. we were clueless and sleep deprived – walking zombies). A friend of ours came by, he walked in with a roast pork, made a salad, servred it up to us, did the dishes, put the leftovers in the fridge and walked out wihtout saying a word. Tell you what – it was the tastiest meal i think i have ever had!
  • When i had Tyler a lady from the church visited the maternity ward with a basket of hand knitted beanies. we got to pick one for baby. I didnt even know her and she spent all that time knitting cause she could.
  • When I just had my son my mother in law picked me up some frujus and green grapes to bring with her to visit me n bub in the birth centre..was so refreshing and I was soooo thirsty! Small things count!
  • With my first child, the best present I got was a basket full of little gifts from my mum – I opened one present a day for the first 2 weeks and it made it feel like a really festive, special time (a bit like a baby advent calendar!). With my second child, my friends threw me a baby shower and instead of gifts, they gave me vouchers for meals they would cook after the baby was born. We were thoroughly spoiled with meals from all over the world! The next best present I got was a Breastmates voucher!
  • when #1 was born – definately some beautiful mokopuna gear. When #2 was born – cooked dinners, cleaning and taking #1 out for a few hours (maybe that was the best thing?)
  • Home cooked meals and having my Mum here to help out. Thanks Mum!!
  • Biscuits!
  • I would definitely have to say all the delicious meals that people made for us, and also, esp with our 3rd baby, the presents that were mum orientated, ie: creams, magazines, chocolates etc.
  • Definitely the cooked meals, but mum was a huge help with first two, hoping she will be with the third!
  • A clean house to come home to! washing done and a meal all ready to go.