What to Pack in Nappy Bag

Want to know about baby bags or nappy bags and what to pack in them?

Firstly start of with a high quality nappy bag, you will want something that looks modern and funky and suitable for mum. Don’t purchase anything pink or pastel thinking about your baby, you will need something that appeals to mum and doesn’t scream out “I’m full of baby gear”.

We have some fantastic nappy bags online at our website. These are spacious nappy bags that are so stylish. They also include pouches and pockets for all the baby gear, bottle holders, changing mats. And the best thing is the quality and how stylish they are.

The next question that we get asked all the time, is “what to put in the nappy bag?” What are the essential baby gear items you need to carry.

Here is our suggested list based on what we are carrying around in our nappy bag today.

  • nappies (cloth or disposable). You should take about 3 or 4 if you are going out for a day. Remember to restock when you get home.
  • baby wipes
  • Baby Changing Mat  a small changing mat for bubs to lie on while you are doing the business
  • plastic bag to throw dirty nappy into when you are out.
  • baby bib
  • baby wrap, you never know when you’ll need a wrap for warmth or also to drape over for some shade. We have some lovely babyswaddling wraps.
  • Diaper cream.
  • breast pads for mum  – disposable pads or washable nursing pads
  • a toy for baby
  • hand sanitiser incase you are not near a washroom
  • sun cream
  • change of clothes for baby, or at the very least a spare romper.
  • snacks for older sibling, and maybe a small toy for them, like a toy car, or pen and pencils