Bottles Just In Case

Dear Breastmates

I’m booked in next week for a c-section, and looking forward to finally holding my baby, and breastfeeding her!!

This is our second child, our older daughter is now 6, and her birth was notgreat!

I was two weeks overdue, was induced, and ended up with an emergancy c-section.

Her blood sugar was very low so she was given formula to get her levels up.

Even though she had bottles and breast in hospital, she still breast fed well.

She weaned herself at around 4-5months old.

I know some women feel the pressure to just breast feed but at the end of the day, bottles are not bad, and we have a totally healthy & happy daughter!!

I plan to breast feed but have bottles just in case I need them for number two. Do what’s best for your child and what feels comfortable with you, don’t let other peoples ideas pressure you!!