Breastfeeding and Expressing over 21 months

A breastfeeding story shared by one of our customers.

She writes:

“I breastfed for 21 months until my daughter self weaned. I would have been happy to continue on until she outgrew the need as I believe that is the most natural way and after about 14 months I was only doing 1 feed before bedtime a day anyway so it was very easy. I had a rocky start withbreast engorgement and a sleepy baby in the first week but perservered and did everything the midwife instructed.  And as she promised it naturally balanced itself out and came right and I was so pleased I did and I never looked back.

I also expressed with a breast pump daily for 12 months so would have natural breastmilk to drink if I was away.  From two months we would give her a night-time ‘top up’ bottle of expressed breastmilk which I believe is the reason she slept through the night from 9 weeks old 10pm – 5am than later 7pm – 7am, nice stint of sleep for Mummy too.

She is now and always has been very healthy, with a great immune system that has managed to avoid most of the sickness, bugs and viruses that have gone around a large coffeegroup of 12 of us and all the other baby/toddler activities we attend.

The ladies in my coffeegroup mostly weaned around 6 months so I started going to La Leche meetings once a month just for that extra support which I would highly recommend also.”