How Long did you Breastfeed

We took a quick survey on our Breastmates Facebook page. We asked the question “weaning….. when did you (or plan to) wean your baby?”

We we’re very impressed by the responses that were received from women today.  Having been told previously that many women in New Zealand stop at about 6 months (even though WHO recommend 2 years),  the answers below show that most women here did more than 6 months.  Some also did tandem feeding with baby and toddler, and many were breastfeeding while pregnant with their second child.

We hope that by publishing these answers on Breastmates, other mums will find encouragement!

~~Here are the shared answers ~~

Last feed on the morning of their 1st birthday, both times. Weaned for a couple of months leading up to that.

Planned to do it for 6 months. Got sick of it by 3.. But he wouldnt have a piece of it till he weened himself at 10 months.

Baby #1 was 18 mths & I was 7 mths pregant with #2 when he weaned. Baby #2 weaned at 15 mths & baby #3 is still going strong at 2.7yrs ♥

I weaned my boy when it seemed like the right time for him..15months :o)

Baby 1 fed till she was about 12 1/2 months and still feeding my 2nd at 7 months. Plan to finish feeding about 12 months again 🙂

Still going strong at 21 months 🙂

Between the age of 2 to 4 (I’m allowing my son to self-wean). I’m training to be a lactation consultant, and I believe in extended breastfeeding. Both WHO and the Ministry of Health say to breastfeed for a minimum of 2 years in order for a child to get the maximum benefit from breast milk.

I want to go till a year this time with my son, it was about 6 months with my daughter.

I was hoping to breastfeed for 12 months. But, unfortunately as my little girl was premmie we had issues throughout and she ended up weaning at 7 months ♥

Planning on being more successful with the next one (they have no choice lol) ♥

BF for 9 months 1st son (he self weaned due to me being pg with 2nd son). BF for 18 months 2nd son (started weaning 4 months before finishing). BF for 18 months 2nd son (planned to wean for 12 months LOL) weaned in 2 months

still sticking with it at 9 months, if we have any teeth connecting it’ll stop fast!!!

Still feeding at 7mths, Hopefully will keep going for awhile yet

My daughter self-weaned at 3.5, and my son is still going – he’ll be 3 next weekend

10 months – he self weaned. I didn’t have enough milk for him and he got to frustrated so preferred the bottle which he didn’t have to wait for a let down!!!

1 year with # 1, and hopefully the same with #2

All 3 self weaned at around 12 months, and number 4 is only 11 weeks, but will let him decide! So far 3 of them have refused any form of milk since being weaned, and even now at 5 1/2, nearly 4 and 2 they will not drink Milk we have tried every trick in the book, but now have learnt not to stress they get enough caluicm through other avenues 🙂

still going at 10months.

Daughter self weaned at 11 1/2 months, she just was too nosey and wouldn’t feed for more than a minute.

Still going at 8 months and intend on letting my son have it for a while yet. I’m sure we’ll know when it’s time!

my 1st son weaned himself at 8 mnths & unfortunatly my 2nd weaned himself just recently at 5 months, i was devistated but he just needed more i guess.

Both my girls weaned themselves at around 15months

My daughter weaned at 15 1/2 months much to my dissapointment was prepared to tandem feed (preggas with #2) but she decided that she didn’t want it anymore..:(

ha, need to start now (8 months) as am going back to work soon! Not looking forward to it though, the boy is a boobie boy for sure!!

10 months with my first… Although this was because she decided to bite and draw blood! Hoping to do the same with my second but she got her first 2 teeth at 3 months and also seems to like to chew. She is almost 5 month now, so half way there 🙂

13 months that way we didn’t have to use formula.

15 months… was 7 weeks pregnant and it was just too painful to continue!

13 Months with not a drop of formula and plan the same if not longer for the next one, but then it also depends if we decide to have another.

1st 9 mo, second weaned her self at age 2 and third is just at the beginning of his nursing journey 🙂 (9 months old)

(did feed my older one BM after number 2 was born though, only in a cup)

17 months for first, will plan for 2 years with this one…

first bub self weaned at 1, just had to stop with this one (6 months) due to unclear allergies. 🙁 happy on neocate – ouch for me…

I was hoping to go till at least 6 months, but unfortunately only made it to 4..

first one 14 mths second one 5yrs *blush* she is the healthier one incidently

First one was at 9 months he started using me as a toy and had teeth, number 2 not sure my goal is 9 months again but just taking it in 3 month strides

Been expressing since she was 4 days old, she is now 11mths, going to have to stop soon milk is starting to dwindle

I couldn’t produce enough milk for my son, when he was 5 weeks old we discovered he wasn’t getting enough from me, so had to introduce formula top ups. I was determined I wanted to breast feed, I struggled with my supply, but managed to keep going until he was 7 1/2 months, which was when my milk dried up 🙁

Last feed was this morning(!) at just over 13 months. Would have been happy to keep going but 12 weeks pregnant again and my body wasn’t coping on whatever was left after providing for 2 others before me!

My son weaned himself cold turkey when he was 11 months because he was teething (seven teeth in five weeks!) and I was pregnant and incredibly sick. Hopefully my daughter will breastfeed for a lot longer!

On one feed a day at almost 3.

I bf for 12 months with my daughter. It’s what i’d planed, so i’m happy. Worked out well as she had weaned herself down to just a small feed in the morning. I’m preg with no 2 now and hope to do the same.

around 8 to 9 months the same as my first baby

#1 10 months, #2 9 months, #3 is 9 weeks, will stop around same time as the others.

23 months. Had hoped to keep going right through pregnancy and then tandem feed both littlies but couldn’t cope with very tender nipples and my toddlers love of feeding off to sleep. Who knows what will happen when No. 2 arrives, though?

currently weaning at 8 months, love our morning feedings together though, gona be hard to cut it off all together

#1 16m, #2 17 m and #3 still going strong at 22m, they have all loved their ‘milkies’ and #3 has no reason to stop as 3 is enough!

9 mths and 7 mths. When they got teeth!! They pretty much weaned themselves tho…

Plan? 🙂 Mr 4yo still takes his turns alongside Ms 18months…

Baby girl is just over one…and I am still breast feeding. I have been back at work (30hrs per week) for 3 months and still managing to feed as well. However I have been on domperidone (millk tablets) since she was 3 weeks old. My midwife prescribed them so I didn’t have to give up feeding, as I had a poor milk supply. They have worked wonders at increasing my milk – Infact I think it is wrong that the tablets are not more freely used!!!

wow great work everyone! My first daughter weaned at 13 1/2 months when i was pregnant with #2, hoping to go longer this time

I weaned Jesse at 9 months – he was breastfed exclusivly til 6 mths then had half n half with formula. I was happy with that, it felt like a decent effort!

Planning on starting weaning in the next week at nearly 8 months. Keeping it up 2nd time around is exhausting, and quality of actual milk just doesn’t seen to sustain my boy.

I’m down to one feed every few days, I enjoy doing it but my girl has so many teeth she tends to ravage my nipples! She is 21 months now, I think I though I’d stop about 18 months.

My son decided to wean himself at 15 months which was fine by me, I wanted to do at least a year initially, and any more was up to him. Now number 2 is on the way I hope to do the same.

still going strong at 16 months despite the critisicim, i feel that it is normal to feed up to at least 3 as the world health organisation also recomends.

my eldest weaned himself at 20mths

At 20months; I didn’t feel quite ready though, wanted to go till 2yrs but had surgery to remove a breast lump (which turned out to be benign yay) and the wound was leaking milk!!! Had to wean to heal wound and prevent infection. Loved the 20months though!

16months for the first, probably the same for the second.

Always weaned when I got pregnant again, 1st was around 18 months, 2nd 22 months, 3rd 12 months, 4th am not really sure how long I’ll feed her for! depends if i decide to have any more!

#1 fed until 18mths and #2 is only 3 1/2 months and still going

#1- 2 1/2years, and #2 6months and still counting

I weaned at 14 months… Mainly because I was 20 weeks pregnant with baby 3 and wanted to have a break inbetween 😉

my boy’s 11 months and has just started self-weaning… it’s a slow process though so i think we’ll be on at least 2 feeds a day for a few months yet!

Baby 1 was 20 months (forced weaning as milk disappeared when I was preg with #2). Baby 2 still feeding at 17 months, no plans to stop any time soon 😀

Emma self weaned at 13 months

#1 I got to 6 months but hated it the whole time with #2 I love it.He’s 6 and a half months.I’m hoping to go to at least 2 years.I will letb him self wean unless he is still going at 5.Might have tp put my foot down then!

Final feed (usually the cuddle in bed before breakfast) dropped/self-weaned around 18 months with each child.

#1 was 14mth(preg with #2)
#2 was 15mths (preg with #3)
#3 when he’s done =) at least 12mths

No plan, just rolling with it. #1 is 16 months, 12 weeks pg with #2

I’ve been feeding for nearly 6 years straight now with two stints of tandem feeding 🙂 I weaned my big boy at 3 and 4 months. Currently my 4yo daughter still has a feed to sleep and am feeding my 10 month old as he requests lol.