Long Time to Feed & Low Weight Gain

A customer recently sent us a story of her breastfeeding journey…

She writes: “I fed my first baby until she was 9 months old, then switched her onto formula.

My second bub has been so challenging. I am so pro-boobie, so I had no other option but to breastfeed her.

When she first weighed in she had gained only 20 gms, which the midwife said she expected a minimum of 120gms. I was pretty distraught, starving my baby! (she had colic and reflux too!!!!)

My midwife suggested that I feed her every 3 hours religiously around the clock, and express for 20 mins each side after that. Let me tell you how exhausted I was, I was beside myself!

I got maybe 45 mins between feeds. I had a 18 month old toddler, and was recovering from a caesarian. At the next weigh in a week later, same story. She wasn’t gaining weight, so the midwife suggested milk boosters such as fennugreek, milk thistle and lots of oats.

To cut a long and exhausting story short, my baby was actually tongue tied with a high pallet, so was unable to milk the breast effectively (hence the long feeding times). Once I finally got that diagnosed, and snipped, we were off! She is now gaining heaps of weight, has lovely chubby thighs, and is more settled. She still has terrible reflux, but at least she is gaining weight!!!

I honestly was on the verge of giving up breastfeeding, and if it wasnt for my sheer determination, my midwife, and lactation consultant, I wouldnt be still feeding my baby.

Aimee  “