Newborn and Toddler

One mum wrote us this email, that I thought I would share with some others.  I think this must be how most mothers feel in the first few weeks with a newborn – particularly with a toddler…Mahem?!

It seems so hard every day, but just take it one day at a time, and you will get through it.

She writes “Another busy week about to start. This week I am flying solo as my husband has gone back to work. A little nervous that I can’t have hubby around to fetch me stuff, feed me and entertain the toddler while I try master the feeding with the newborn. I hope that I have such a dark picture painted that it won’t actually be that bad. God help me when I have to be solo and go into town! I guess I will remain stationary for a few more months before attempting that one?!

I would like to commit to a playdate with my friends, but I’m not sure I can do that. God I sound a bit pathetic….I was just so burnt after my first baby that I am always expecting the worse, and if it doesn’t pan out like that then that is a bonus!”

My tips are quite simple:

  • don’t sweat the small stuff – it doesnt matter if your house is a mess and you are in your PJs all day
  • your husband can cook tea for a change, and get him to make your lunch in the morning too
  • there is nothing wrong with your toddler watching TV.  It can be a good idea to rent some DVDs (only about $2 to rent from libraries) and just get them out while you are breastfeeding baby
  • pack a lunch box for your toddler and drink bottle, and keep this handy so that they can snack while you are breastfeeding.  Make sure things are easy to open – as you won’t have many spare hands to help them.
  • take everything one feed at a time
  • try to rest and have a quiet time while the baby is sleeping, but that is very hard to do with a toddler around.