Positive Outcomes with Bottles and Breastfeeding

A customer has shared her experience of breastfeeding and bottle feeding…

She writes:

“I guess maybe I am one of the fortunate mums out there because i have had positive outcomes with bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

I am a mum of 5 children.

With my first baby yes it was very trying after having emergency c-section, she was under lights and so breastfeeding was hard to accomplish which we only got to 6 weeks and she was fully bottle-fed.  I didn’t feel at all guilty because i knew that my baby was getting what i couldn’t give her.

Baby no2 was breastfed till he was 4 months.

Baby no3 was breastfed until she was about 4 months old as well, (weaned onto milk formula).

With baby no4 he was my easiest to feed and i breastfeed him till he was 8 months old.  But then he got teeth.

Baby no5  was breastfed until she was 11 months old which was an amazing achievement for me i never intended to breastfeed for that long but she was happy.  Now that she is 18 months old she has milk formula sometimes, not all the time as we have to be careful as she is prone to eczema.

In regards to bonding with my children i most probably didn’t bond with my first all that well when she was newborn, due to not knowing what i was doing, but that did come later.

With my other kids I don’t think bottle-feeding them has made me bond less with them as i love them all the same.

To all first time mums or any mums out there you do not have to feel guilty its your choice as you know whats best for you and your baby.