Preventing Mastitis

A customer very kindly sent us this email today, which she had specifically written for us to share on our website. (thank you!)…

“I was just talking with a friend today about mastitis and remembered a friend who took Lecithin to relieve & prevent mastitis and said it worked really well for her.  Lecithin is available at most health food stores.

Also, I’ve started taking Eczema Shield to try to prevent my next baby getting so much eczema.

Another pearl of wisdom I picked up from my sister’s midwife was to buy girl toddler nappies and put the maternity pads inside these while you are in hospital as nothing leaks past these! If the lochia is just on the maternity pad, just change that but the nappy catches any overflow and you can change that less often. I felt ridiculous to start with but I slept much more easily!”