PND Support Network Auckland

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The baby’s fine… How are you?

The Postnatal Distress Support Network provides peer support groups, telephone support and information for women experiencing symptoms of postnatal distress,  Auckland wide.

Offering a confidential, friendly, safe place for you to share what is going on for you, if you wish.

Services include:

  • Confidential, one-to-one telephone peer support.
  • Regular peer support groups that you can attend when you want to (these run through the year, including school holidays).
  • Wellness groups based on the principles of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). The WRAP group has an educational component and is run as a course over several weeks.
  • Free 40-page Post & Antenatal Distress Support Guides

You can choose the right support for you depending on your comfort level.

For more information:
Call  (09) 836 6967
Email [email protected]
Visit website on