Breastfeeding in Park


A gorgeous customer has shared her breastfeeding photo and a little story.

She writes: “This is a photo of me feeding my baby boy at the park when he was just a couple of weeks old.

Due to  variety of reasons I wasn’t able to breastfeed my daughter and while I know we made the best decision then, I knew this time around I really wanted to be able to breastfeed my son.

Lucky this time around I had a lot more support and knew where to get help and information. We had a rocky start with my little boy being 3 weeks early, having to have formula top ups plus me expressing and us working very hard together to have him feeding successfully and putting on weight.

It’s been worth it though and I’m proud to have been fully breastfeeding my son for 5 months now and I intend to keep breastfeeding as long as he wants to keep going.

Besides, I can’t say I miss cleaning the bottles!”

Go Mum!!