Struggle to Start with

breastfeeding_photo-40A customer shared her story and photos with us.  This lady deserves a medal!!!

She writes “I really struggled to feed my son from birth – he just wouldn’t latch and lost weight so they formula fed him (I consented but felt pressured to do so by my husband and the midwives at the birthing centre). Then they told me he would need to be bottle fed for a while to “teach” him to put his tongue down so I was told not to feed him for a fortnight and to come back to learn to latch him. Long story short I didn’t start bf’ing him with any success till he was 6 weeks old (due to him not latching properly, thrush, mastitis, and nipple damage) and then it was only once a day. I was pretty much a full time dairy cow, constantly pumping. I was a wreck.

The first pic is me feeding my 6 month old son at the park, the second is him feeding himself as he wasn’t quite done!

He is 7 months old now and still breastfeeding.”