Total Cost of Bottle Feeding

The cost of Formula Feeding Baby

A simple bit of mathematics.

Assumptions: If you feed your baby with formula from birth, exclusively, with no breast milk. 100% bottle feeding. From newborn to 18 months. Starting solids at 6 months in addition to formula drinks. And then weaning onto cows milk at 18 months. Taking into account the different volume of formula fed to a baby as their age changes (as recommended dosages from the manufacturers), and feeding an average child..

1 tin of baby formula = 900g

1 scoop of formula is 7.9 grams, per 50mL of water added.

So to calculate the amount of formula for the age group, for example 4 month old baby..: 200 mL feed means 4 scoops of powder at 7.9 grams x 5 feeds per day x 60 days until baby gets to 6 months old and changes their formula required dosage = 9480 grams of formula

Based on the ” how much does baby drink” guidelines specified on formula tins:

1 week: Newborn baby, 50mL feed, 7 times per day, for a week = 387.1 grams

2 weeks old: 100 mL feed, 6 times per day, for another 7 days = 663.6 grams

up to 1 month: 100 mL feed, 6 times per day, for another 14 days = 1327.2 grams

up to 2 months: 150 mL feed, 5 timer per day, for another 30 days =3555 grams

up to 4 months: 200 mL feed, 5 times per day, for another 60 days = 9480 grams

up to 6 months: 200mL feed, 5 times per day, for another 60 days = 9480 grams

over 6 months: 200mL feed, 3 times per day, for another (12 months x30 days) to take baby up to 18 months old = 34128 grams

The total formula you would have used is 59020.9 grams = 59 kg = 65 tins.

Depending on your brand of formula, and your own supermarket prices, the average tin of formula costs about $17

$17 x 65 = $1105

for 18 months milk supply

This cost excludes the costs of bottles, teats, brushes, sterilisers, heating, storage etc.

Factual information.

Make your own choice if you breastfeed or bottle feed you just have to do what is right for YOU