Bottle Equipment

What equipment do you need to bottle-feed, and how do you use it? There isn’t a lot of information out there about bottle-feeding, and many mums struggle to find out what they’ll need, how to use everything, and how to properly handle it. Here is comprehensive advice on what you’ll need if you plan to bottle-feed, and information on the different types of bottles and teats available so you can find the right combination of bottle-feeding gear for your baby

Sterilising Bottles

How to sterilize baby bottles and teats. Methods you can use to sterilize baby

Bottle Feeding Special Teats

My baby wont drink from a bottle. This is a special teat for baby

BPA Free Bottles

Common questions about the Avent and Medela bottles, and BPA compounds

Buying Bottle Teats

Common questions on bottle teats and buying gear for baby. How many bottles and

Large Medela Bottles

Medela now have large 250mL bottles available, which are also BPA free. You can

Medela Bottles

Medela Large Bottle - 250 mL baby bottle size is now available online at Breastmates.

Medela Teats

Teats for Medela bottles - where to find? Breastmates

What bottle feeding gear do I need?

What bottle gear to buy? Preparing for bottle feeding? If you are preparing

Cleaning Bottles

Cleaning and Sterilizing Baby Bottles and Teats - a guide on what to do

Starting Baby on a Bottle

Breastmates tips on how to start giving a baby a bottle, and what to do.