Warming Breast Milk while Travelling

Is your baby travelling somewhere and needs to have breastmilk warmed? Assuming that you can’t feed your baby at the breast, here are our suggestions for transporting and warming breastmilk.

After you have expressed your breast milk, the next thing to consider is how you are going to transport it for when your baby needs it.

Some brands have special breast milk chilly bags and ice packs, but you could also jut use a small chilly bag – something like your partner might take to a BBQ with a few cans of beer!  These are a lot cheaper!!

Your breastmilk will be in the bottle that you pumped into, so make sure this is sealed with the lid and cap.  Pack ice or a frozen “freezer bag” around your bottle, and place all of these inside the chilly bag.

Take a flask of hot water with you, aswell as a small container to stand the bottle in.  This will be how you can heat the milk while you are away from any other facilities.

Only warm the milk to blood temperature, and always check a few drops on the inside of your wrist before you feed to baby.

If you are travelling to somewhere that has facilities – you just need to boil some water, pour this into a container and stand your bottle of chilled milk in this container for a few minutes to warm it up.

A  Car Bottle Warmer which is a nifty product that plugs into your car lighter.

Don’t ever use the microwave to warm breastmilk as this destroys the beneficial properties of it!

After feeding baby, try to rinse out the items.  Then when you reach your destination wash them out and sterilize.