Mums Talk About Buying Formula

We ran a discussion recently and asked everyone:

  • Which formula do you use
  • How did you decide which one to buy
  • Has your baby had any issues

The following statements are the replies from our Facebook members.  These are unedited comments, and represent these women’s views and experiences.  Breastmates is not aligned with any formula companies.  Comments are mainly based on New Zealand formula brands.

For more information about formula, view our website Formula page.  Speak with your doctor, plunket, midwife, coffee group and friends.


We use Nutricia AR formula. My daughter had reflux and she still spills a lot.  We have been using it since she was 3 months old and she’s now 9 months old. It’s been a godsend.

We stared on karicare but turned out my daughter is allergic to milk. She went on karicare goat’s milk then Neocate. Not sure if this really helps because neocate is prescription formula

Used Heinz until they changed it, would never use that formula again as it is too foamy, and seemed to give my kids more wind. I am now using Karicare and have had no problems with it.

We BF’d till 7 months and then switched over to S-26 Gold.  It smelled a lot better then the Nutricia. And it dissolved easier in the water too 🙂

We used many different formulas, Nurture was fine until they changed the recipes and then it made my daughter really, really sick.   We decided to try Novalac Constipation as she had suffered quite a bit with it, we liked where it was made, we liked the ingredients, and we really liked the medical people on the help desk! And from day 1 she was a different baby, since then we have stuck with novalac but have weaned her off the constipation and are now just on the regular stage 2 🙂

Nurture Starter formula – (not Gold) – it was the cheapest and we were only using it for top ups so didn’t need the additional benefits of the Gold formula. No issues.

We used S26 Gold for my daughter from birth and she is 2 and a half now and on S26 Toddler. She was breastfed and topped up with formula till 8 months.  We use Karicare, as that was what my midwife told me to get. We’ve had no problem what so ever with it.   We’ve had a bit of crazy advise over the past few months about formula

Best advise about formula that I can give, is to find out about it before you need it. Our antenatal class was told that we couldn’t discuss formula in a group situation, but we could discuss with the teacher one on one. Of course none of us did as we were all GOING to breastfeed. When it didn’t work out, I was left confused and scared about what to do.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that your baby gets fed, and that mum and baby are happy. You can’t look at school aged children and know which ones were breastfed and which were formula fed.

We used SMA formula with all 3 of our children. I had an almost non-existent supply of Mummy milk for all of them, despite trying almost everything going to get levels up, so they were all on formula early on in the piece. They were all hungry, hungry babies, and we used SMA because it is a casein dominant formula which kept their puku fuller for longer.

We had a reflux baby and found that the karicare goats milk formula was the best easy on her tummy.  Very expensive. Was recommended it by a family friend who was having the same problem we used it till the solids cleared up the reflux so about 4 months then karicare and now as a toddler nuture heinz, cheapest.

We used Karicare gold, as it was recommended by a friend to us – and we never had any problems with it, my little man loved it. We did try swapping to the karicare soy formula when we suspected the cows milk might be making his eczema flare up, but it didn’t make a difference, so we swapped back. Due to lots of issues with breastfeeding, he was on formula supplements from early on, and was formula only from 1 month, and never had any health issues 🙂

Mine were weaned onto SMA or Karicare 🙂

I’ve used S26 Gold with both my girls.

I breastfed my son for 6 months but my supply was awful (and then he started biting!) so we have been formula feeding for four months now – at first we had him on S26 Reflux because he has had reflux since he was born, and about a month maybe two ago we changed to S26 Gold Progress x

I had a trial and error with formula. Started with Nutricia Gold. After a few weeks I got sick of him bringing up his milk no matter what I did. I tried the Karicare AR and that had helped some. After consulting with the clinic sister I changed to Karicare HA AR ( Hyperallergenic anti reflux) which worked perfect!! He was on that till 12 months when he went onto cow’s milk with Karicare thickner in it.

I have just started to wean my 8 month old but she has always had one formula top up a day, we use s-26. I chose that one as it was recommended by the hospital to use it with my older daughter as it’s gentler on their stomach than some of the others.

We started on karicare then it didn’t agree with her so changed so s26 it didn’t agree so now we use SMA and think it’s great it helps her put on weight. Every kid is different. I bf till 4 months

..Making the change to formula was so heart wrenching for me at the time, I felt like such a failure, but if I had the same problems the next time round I wouldn’t hesitate.

A good tip we were given was that as each child is different, you do need to experiment with formulas to see what works best – and you can get sample packets from the manufacturers (apparently) to try out. Better than buying a big tin and letting it go to waste!

When I fell pregnant with our third child while still breastfeeding our second who was only 7 months (whoops!), I was warned by people that it would be a real ‘trial and error’ kind of thing to get him onto formula. Hubby went out and got a couple of those wee sachets of Karicare, and he never looked back. Completely satisfied with it :o)

started on Karicare, but he was upset and grizzly all the time, didn’t know why then someone suggested to change his formula.  Changed to karicare goats milk and he’s thriving on it, a different baby since being on it

I’m loving reading each and every comment! All the unnecessary guilt and grief I went through- even though my baby is happy and healthy- it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

I used S26 Gold for my son, he’s the only one out of 4 who has eczema (he’s covered from the neck down very badly and it started about 3 weeks after the switch to formula) but we’ll never know if that’s what caused it.

We began with Karicare (our son was topped up on formula from 4 months) however our son got constipated on this, we changed to S26 gold from 6 months and never looked back. We stopped formula when he turned 18months as he was on a very good and varied diet.

Karicare gold started with this and had no problems, recommended by midwife and plunket

When my first needed formula (prem baby and I could only express for so long!) NO-ONE would give me ANY help! The hospital nurses that visited said they weren’t allowed, we weren’t under Plunket, doctors didn’t know, and I had no formula feeding friends. Was trial and error unfortunately, and a bad experience. We tried 10 formulas as they all made him constipated, even the prescription kind. By the time I’d given them all a fair go he went on cow’s milk. Next 3 kids were fine but I made the transition much slower, both ebm and formula for weeks, even months for my last baby. I think it was the massive change to a prem who was still 5 weeks off being due when I ran out of milk! Asking friends for advice seems to be the best option as no-one else seems to be “allowed” to give full helpful advice!

we started with breastmilk but had issues with not enough milk, etc so started with s26 which was great until about 2.5-3 months then our wee man started power chucking after feeds so changed to karicare and has been great – everyone says how chubby he is 🙂 and now at 7 months he is still not overly keen on solids but still a good solid wee chap

My son is nearly 6 months old now and has been breastfed since birth. I have to go back to work soon and he’ll need a bottle when I can’t be with him. No one seems willing or able to advise me on what formula to try, so this has been great. I now feel a little more confident to give it a try.

When my son was 6 weeks old and I was hospitalized with mastitis my husband had to shop for formula and we had no idea what we were looking for – why does it have to be so overwhelming? Great idea to share thoughts on it – its like knowing about c-sections before giving birth. Knowledge is power.

Used s-26 without any problems with number one son, started mixed feeding at 5mo and was fully weaned by around 7mo. Will try the same with number two daughter who arrived last week, but a formula page would be great to look at if I have issues 🙂 u can also by small ‘stick packs’ and sample packs from the supermarket to try them out.

I used Heinz Gold, after I couldn’t breast feed my son any more and had no problems with it. I only used the formula until he was 12 months and then he went on to the kids milks and now he is 2 yrs old and he is on cows milk and he is one healthily little boy!! I’m Preggie again and if I had the same problems this time round I wouldn’t hesitate to the same thing again!!

I’ve fully breastfed my son since birth; he’s 9mths now I am contemplating putting him on formula because I want to look at part time work and fulltime study. Tried a couple times to wean him, but never worked – so will look at a sippee cup. Whatever your situation is, don’t feel like you’re a failure if you don’t breastfeed just do what’s best for you and your baby. I open my mind to what others say, but I do what’s best for me and my son and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to me.

S26 was great – also tried Karicare which was also good but found S26 heaps better and baby seemed to like it heaps more as well, I also tried S26 toddler but have just moved on to normal milk. She was also on breast milk and still is so I’m not sure what it would be like full time

We used S-26 Gold for our first baby; she was small and lost a lot of weight so she was given 30mls of S-26 in Birthcare as my milk had not come in yet. 2 weeks later when, as my midwife said, I had been ‘munched’ (severe cracked split nipples) we moved her onto S-26 as that was what they had used at the maternity hospital and expressed breast milk. Number two was Breast fed till 20 months with occasional S-26 bottles when I was out.  Both of my babies had NO troubles with S-26 so I would recommend!

We have our severe reflux bubba on Karicare AR formula and it has been a god send. We put him on this at 5ish months after months and months of him spilling and or vomiting up his breast feeds as well as EBM feeds and him not thriving etc because he was bringing up too much of his feeds – within a month of him being on this I had a happy, less spilly and gaining weight baby – we have tried karicare gold but it didn’t work for him as it was still not thick enough. He is now 7.5 months and is likely to be on this for a while.

I have just started mixed feeding as I am going back to work part-time and on top of the stress of the thought of going back to work ~ I have had to work out how to introduce formula.  I have felt very much ‘in the dark’ about this and a little guilty (why?!!) with the lack of discussion and support for those mums who are needing to introduce formula (for various reasons) and only want what is best for their baby.

So far the Karicare Starter Formula has been fine for us : )

I stopped bf at 6 months because I simply didn’t want to any more, put him on karicare an he got so constipated that he would be up all night screaming just trying to do poos, changed to S26 and he was a completely different boy, then went to normal blue top milk when he was 15 months

Am feeling a bit naughty now. I just used to buy whichever was the cheapest/on special! We started topping my eldest up with a bottle from about 3 months, but I continued to breastfeed as well till 11 months. My eldest son never had a bottle and breastfed til 14 months, My youngest was topped up with a bottle from 4 weeks, stopped having the bottle at 12 months although still breastfeeds at 17 months. 1 and 3 went onto cow’s milk at 12 months and 2 went onto rice milk as he had severe facial eczema. He then progressed onto soya milk and then at about 2.5 onto cows milk.

My son had EBM for just over 3 months but due to supply we changed to formula. We tried normal Karicare but that gave him quite bad constipation. We tried Nutrica reflux as the plunket nurse seemed to think he had it, it was ok but no change in him. (We believe he was crying so much cos he was still hungry!!) We now give him Karicare gold formula (quite expensive) but he seems to guts it down and no problems with constipation. He’s now 4.5 months and happy as 🙂

I hated breastfeeding, was no good at it and found the whole thing confusing and stressful. Didn’t have enough milk and baby just cried and cried for the 6 weeks I tried. I finally gave in and asked GP, Plunket and Midwife for help and no one could give me any useful advice. Ended up buying what was on special (happened to be Heinz Nuture) and worked fine. Stuck with the same for baby number 2. The lack of information is so frustrating as you want to do what is best. I read a lot and researched everything under the sun before I had baby, but never considered that I would be in a position not to breastfeed, so found myself depressed, tired, sore and frustrated and not having a clue what to do!

First baby had soy formula and second baby and first baby went onto s-26 gold, it was really good for our babies and I would recommend it over some of the other cheaper ones

I started breastmilk first with both boys my 1st son got sick n hospitalized at 10wks I kept expressing but it wasn’t enough so I put him on s26 gold but he was constipated 4 weeks so I tried karicare gold n yep that was perfect! With my 2nd son I could only breastfeed for a wk as I got sick had a hormonal rash that I needed pills to get rid of it so therefore had to stop breastfeeding so put him on karicare too n it was perfect! I think it just depends on the bubba!

Thanks for talking about this subject, just wish it had been easy to find out info on this when I stopped bf both my boys at 3months old.

S26 Gold, unfortunately it’s the most expensive but they use it in neonatal ICU and my thinking was if they use it for prem and sick babies it must be pretty good. There isn’t much information out there as to how to choose which is pretty poor really.

I’ve successfully breastfed all my babies but my middle child was a biter & decided to wean him at 10 months I used Bellemy’s organic formula without any problems. I like to give my children organic foods as much as possible & this formula isn’t too expensive.

We used S26 Gold because that’s what they had in the hospital. No problems with it. I had no colostrum then barely any milk. We had to top up with bottle and in the three months I tried to breastfeed we only got one successful breastmilk feed.

Just a little aside – I’m a midwife – it is a total cop out for any health professional to say ‘I can’t tell you that’, about anything, let alone formula feeding. We are unable to do it in group sessions (i.e., antenatal classes), and that is not a NZ directive, but a WHO directive. There is no reason why you can’t get the information, one on one, especially in your home. There is a really good MOH pamphlet called “Bottlefeeding your baby” as well, which every health care professional should have if required.

I used Karicare for my kids. My son is allergic to dairy and we used the Karicare Soy. My daughter had no allergies and when I weaned her at 9 months she went onto Karicare Birth. I ALWAYS use Karicare, but love the premixed toddler milk from S26 Gold.

I don’t know if it is true or not, but when we had the Tommee Tippee Tea Time Talk lady come and visit, she said that the brands of formula’s in hospitals / maternity units are changed every 3 months – so it all depends on when you are in there. It makes it interesting that so many people (myself included) based their choice on what the hospital had!!

I used whatever was cheapest with my daughter. Didn’t find any difference whatsoever between them. The hospitals also rotate formula contracts every six months as part of the Baby-Friendly hospital thing, so I see that as a sign that most of the different newborn formulas are interchangeable. The ‘gold’ brands are just a way of quilting parents into trying to buy a ‘premium’ product. Everything that a baby needs is in standard formula, the rest is just unnecessary add on.

Plunket told me I should be topping up my baby girl at 3 months with formula, so on their advice, brought a tin of S26. She would refuse the bottle and fight it, so after three nights of attempting, and only getting 20 mls at the most into her, gave up. Saw the sample packets of Karicare and Heinz Nuture and picked up a couple of those a month later. She was a different baby with these two! She wasn’t as keen on Karicare, but loved Nuture – and now we are on the Nuture follow on formula. She’s a lovely, happy, healthy baby, but I will always remember that first trip to the supermarket for formula. I felt like such a failure, and just stood there looking at all the tins, trying to figure out which one was best.

When my son went onto formula at 10wks old we put him on S26 Gold. I chose this as it was the one I was familiar with (children I had cared for were on it). Due to severe eczema and allergies, he went onto a prescription formula which was so cheap due to PBS but then after allergy testing he was put onto Nan HA. If bf doesn’t work with my next baby I will go straight onto Nan HA in case of allergies etc. Fingers crossed I don’t need to use formula for the next one 🙂

I used karicare gold for my son from 6 wks old, as I had problems with breastfeeding. We were told to use it from plunket, and I liked the idea of the extras in the gold formula. We had no problems at all just a lovely chubby boy, we were going to keep him on karicare gold toddler but it didn’t agree with him so he now on dark blue milk.

I loved the nurture range for my son.  He was a very hungry baby from day dot and their Nuture plus was awesome (I feed him bottle from day 4)

We used nurture for both of our kids and I will be using it when the time comes for number 3 to go onto formula. I had no problems at all with it; my kids are happy and healthy. Both had to be in the special care units when they were born and neither would take s26 🙂 I felt a failure swell when putting my first onto formula but it was the best thing for her, I didn’t have the milk supply to feed her and she was hungry all the time and a continual screamer, we couldn’t go anywhere. After midwives, doctors and any other health care professional telling me 2 carry on with breast feeding (which I did 4 4.5months and only getting 4 hours sleep a night) the change of our daughter was amazing she straight away slept 8 hours a night 🙂

I used different formulas trying 2 get the rite 1 4 my baby, as a first time mum I got told that karicare was very similar 2 breast milk, so I used that 1, then my baby had reflux, ended up getting gaviscon to go in with her bottle from dr. then went 2 AR milk which got 2 expensive. Ended up going back 2 karicare follow on with no problems.

I have had to formula feed both my kids and am due to have no 3 in 5 weeks and although I will attempt again to breastfeed I am not going to stress about it and wear myself out trying like I did with the other 2! Both my kids are really healthy hardly ever get colds etc and my 7 year old is excelling at school, so I have no problems with having to formula feed. I have used Heinz Nurture with both kids but found that the gold version made them constipated.

I still breastfeed in the mornings and give my daughter bottles for the afternoon/evening – I used Karicare formula as suggested by a friend and at the start I used to mix in with some expressed breast milk and gradually increased the amount of formula. Worked a treat.

With my oldest I used Karicare, she thrived on it she was on expressed breastmilk for 6wks after I got really bad mastitis and she was just hungry all the time so I slowly weaned her on to formula till it was her sole milk. With #2 I tried everything from karicare to nurture to nan to S26 till we found S26AR was the only thing to help his regurgitation then once that calmed down went to S26.  With #3 we started on Nurture (I was combination feeding for 4 weeks) but like #2 he had bad regurgitation so changed him to Karicare AR, once it calmed down onto Karicare.

I successfully breastfeed my first baby for the first 14 months with 60 ml top ups of formula for the first 2 weeks. With my 2nd baby I had recurrent Breast abscesses which required draining through ops in hospital, I was able to have my baby with me for the first 2 times with my mum staying to help out so I could continue to breast feed from my “good” breast. Once I stopped bf him at 6 weeks (which was the most awful and hard decision to make, and I felt so selfish because it meant I would get better!) the hospital would not allow me to have my baby with me any longer because I was formula feeding!!!   He is now 7.5 months and is so healthy after formula feeding, although I still struggle with it, I know a healthy mum is the key to a healthy baby! We use a combination of S-26 and S-26 gold follow on formula, as he is now on solid feeds too.   Thank you for raising this topic, it’s so nice to know you are not the only one bottle feeding in a world where “breast is best”.

I use S26 formula because that’s what they put my daughter on in the hospital. She is doing well on it but has to have medication for reflux

I EBM’d for my daughter till she was 8.5 months cos she was a premmie but the last couple of months there was at least one bottle a day that was formula. Trial and error really using the sachets till we got one that she didn’t spew up. Ended up being karicare basic formula. Just kept adding an extra bottle of formula a day over 6 weeks till she is now fully formula fed.

Karicare and my little girl loves it. She took to it like it was boobie juice or something, so we never had a problem.

When we transitioned to Formula we went to S26 Gold, we’ve had absolutely no problems with it, and he loves it. 🙂

My 9 month old has been drinking formula since her 6th month and only when I’m away (as I’m working two days a week) or in her breakfast cereal; otherwise she’s breastfed. I give her Nestle’s Nan for 6+ months as it is supposedly hypoallergenic and particularly easy to digest. I highly recommend it.   Btw she never took bottle–but has been happy to drink from a cup (expressed milk at first) from about 4.5 months.

Karicare Gold for us. 3 other fully breastfed children who would not take bottles, and number 4 loves a boobie or a bottle which ever is there for the feed!

Breastfed my first daughter till 6 months then used the Heinz Nuture formula I tried karicare but it didn’t mix that well and there were always lumps in the bottle. She continued on with formula up until she was 2 I gradually phased it out and started half and half bottles with cow’s milk. now baby number 2 is here and she’s 4 months and having breastmilk all day and 100ml of formula at night to fill her up (when I’m pretty much at empty!!) and we’re using Heinz Nuture gold.

Josh was prem and would only tolerate breast milk so EBM until due date then solely breastfeed up to 10 months. Started on S26 Gold at the 10 month mark simply because a friend had her baby on the same and it had worked for all three of hers. This is what I managed to find talking to other Mums including one who is a hospital dietician. Although the good companies would like you to think otherwise, all the formulas are pretty similar when it comes to ingredients except for some specialist formulas available on prescription. Noting the post above, hospitals are actually required to switch brands every three months but my dietician friend does not know why. All the Mums I spoke to said that if you are moving from exclusive breastfeeding to mix feeding or formula only introduce the change slowly as too fast a change will either cause the runs or constipation. The same applies to moving between newborn and follow on formula as the change to a protein dominant formula can cause stomach upsets. Because they are all virtually the same, find one that works for your baby and stick to it. Given the similarity between the brands, a little bit of experimentation will not hurt your baby in any way. The small sachets are great for experimenting as you can see whether your baby will like/tolerate that particular brand.

My son was a terrible feeder and we had to give him top ups of formula right from the day after he was born. I choose to give him Karicare goat formula because I was concerned about a milk allergy (family history). It was great but expensive. By 6 months my son was totally bottle fed and we switched him to the standard karicare formula. At about 1 year he switched to cows milk (and occasionally karicare toddler formula for convenience). We had no problem with any of them. For people with potential cows milk allergies it is important to know that goats milk will not necessarily fix the problem. Forgive me for terminology because I’m no expert but the pediatrician told me that there are apparently 3 types of allergies to cow’s milk. For people with 2 of these types of allergies, goat milk is no better because it contains the same allergen. The 3rd type is digestive and doesn’t cause rashes etc, in which case goats milk can help.

I also want to say that in the hospital the doctors told me that I had to give Nate formula because he wouldn’t feed and was dehydrated, but the midwives we very unsupportive, even trying to stop me following the doctors’ advice.    Also it was a pain to give him goat’s milk formula in hospital because I couldn’t boil water in the hospital to make it up so my husband had to bring boiled water from home.

Breastfeeding and top ups with Karicare Gold HA+  perfect from newborn onwards – very rich and great for those first few months up to 6 months  I stopped B/F at 5 months and carried on with the follow on formula from Karicare and now use whatever is on special and have to say I quite like Heinz Nuture formula. (Found that she had constipation issues with the follow on from Karicare sometimes)

There are 3 tips I found helpful (after being told or experimentation):
TIP 1:
I was told to only use the plain basic formula – not the ‘gold’ or more up market/enriched formula of whatever brand as it doesn’t add anything except cost and can upset baby’s tummy (our wee girl got diarrhea from any special ‘gold’ formula).
TIP 2:
Newborns usually prefer “whey” dominant formula.
TIP 3:
Microwave Sterilizer is FABULOUS!  Quick and Easy! For bottles AND teats. ANY BRAND! Whatever is the cheapest you can find and can actually FIT inside your microwave
TIP 4:
I used an orthodontic teat (shaped) but wish I had discovered the chuchuteat for baby #1.

We were overwhelmed when we had to urgently buy formula for baby #1 when she still didn’t have her birth weight at 6 weeks!  I still breastfed as well – mostly comfort feeding – until she was 4 years old!

Bf #1 till 9months (topping up with Nurture from 5months as I went back to work) then onto Nurture full time. #2 Bf till 9months as well, she had reflux so put her on the s26 anti reflux, till that subsided at 13months, then tried her on Nurture as with my son, but she would always have an upset tummy and the runs. Decided to change to karicare for her and no problems since then. She is 18months now and I really think its time I got her on cows milk!! 🙂

My three year old was on s26 lactose free and so is my three week old. Apparently my chest is only ornamental so bottle for them from birth.

When my son was 2weks old I had problems with bf so put him onto karicare formula and he got real bad constipation had a rash and hardly ever slept so we changed to Nuture. He still had bad constipation with that one too and he also had a rash, was in pain, hardly ever slept and if he did was for half and hour to and hour. Then plunket said to try him on goats milk formula so we did and he was a much happier baby, pood regularly and the rash disappeared started sleeping for 4 to 5 hours. Then when he was 8weeks old I decided to go back to bf so done the whole relaxation and fully bf him till he was 10months including solids/food. Now he is having Nuture follow on formula and breast milk and solids/ food.

What a great discussion! I’m a GP, but never know what to recommend – there just isn’t that much good info out there. I’ve used s26 from about 9months for my (now 3 year old) son when my milk supply started dropping off, but mainly cos that’s what the maternity and neonatal unit at the hospital used when I worked there, but I think that is mainly cos s26 do specialist formulas for prems, etc. Oh and just a wee rant – the milk protein in cow’s milk that is responsible for allergies is also very similar (so there is commonly a cross-reaction) between goats and soy based formulas as well, so its pretty common to try switching to these other ones but without resolution of the symptoms. You can get other formula on prescription, so it’s worth seeking help about it.

After breast feeding my 3 boys I thought it’d be no problem to feed my little girl, but circumstances beyond my control meant that was not to be. We use Karicare which has been awesome:)

Bf til found out my wee girl was dairy intelorent. Only bottle feed when I want 2 have dairy food.  Tried karicare peti juniro smelt and tasted bad then found lcp neocate fantastic very expensive thru supermarket but thru a specialist $6 a tin.

My girl has been on s26 newborn/newborn gold since 15w and both have been great although the gold one stinks and makes her burps smell awful. non-gold one is a bit cheaper too!

I used S26 gold coz that’s what the hospital used, I used this from 4-6 months, but too many tummy problems with my DD, constipation, constantly unsettled, in the end found Heinz Follow on, not the gold version and it was brilliant. It took a few others before Heinz, but it’s a matter of trial and error!

Like most of the woman above I had a rough experience with feeding, and the only support that was really offered to me was ‘you can do it, just keep going’.  After 4 months of exclusive expressing I gave in and put my son on formula. I think you know your own limits and when it is time to try another option. We used s26 to start with, but then moved on to Karicare Gold, which at 17months my son still has now as I like him to have the extra nutrients. Funny isn’t it how suddenly at 12 months it becomes a good thing for a baby to have formula for the extra nutrition?! I learnt a lot through my experience and I know I will approach it all differently next time.

I put my son on s26 from 2 weeks have had no problems with it he is now 1 and his on cow milks.

My niece drinks goat formula and loves it. Her father is sensitive to diary and so is she! She can have cows milk formula (and that’s if she drinks it) and have a runny nose the next day. More expensive @ $40 a can but easier for the body to process. Apparently the molecules in cow’s milk formula are larger (as cow’s are a large animal) so it makes it harder for our bodies to digest. The molecules in goat’s milk are smaller making it easier for your body to digest.

Like others I ended up having to give up BF at 10 weeks my supply wasn’t great and my boy was VERY hungry baby. I tried Nuture but he got real bad rashes and constipation with it so I changed him to karicare which he has had until 3 weeks ago when we found out he is highly dairy intolerant which explains so much.

Do you know what I would have given for all these helpful comments 6 months ago?!!!??! Was the hardest thing ever to move my wee girl onto formula, but after struggling with BF for 2 months and lactation consultants recommending that bottle would be better for me and baby, I mix fed with expressed milk and Karicare Gold until my supply ran out, then had her on Karicare gold until she was 6 months, since then she has been on the plain karicare and seems far more content – it’s not as thick or something and she is healthy as a horse!

Breastfeeding doesn’t always work out for everyone & formula is a life saver! Kayla- my son had very similar lactose issues along with reflux. After 6mths on Soy under the advice from my paed I tried Nan Gold HA and he was fine. Some chemist (not many- Our local chemist warehouse) sells sachets of Nan HA which might be a good idea, rather than buying a whole tin. My ped explained that HA formula has half the milk protein than normal formula. At 9mths I went to Nan and he was fine. 11mths went to cows milk & all good. All the best to the mums out there!

My son took himself off the breast when he was 4 months thank goodness for sample sachets! He liked s26 I just wish I tried that one first and not last.

I’m in the US and I use Enfamil soy formula because my baby is milk sensitive. I wanted to use a store brand because they are half the price, but when you look at the ingredients of the “soy” formula, they still have milk in them!

All the store brands I looked at were exactly the same. They had different labels, but when you check at the very bottom in the tiny print, they have the same manufacturer.

I used S26 because its what the hospital used for years until recently (my mother used to work at the hospital) and the pediatrician that recommend I start giving formula said it was good. Never had a problem with it with my son I refused to use any other brand until he was 1.