Raynauds (Chilled Nipples)

What is Raynaud’s? It is a condition when blood vessels spasm and constrict in body extremities such as nipples. When Raynaud’s Phenomenon causes nipple vasospam, the nipple turns white and there is usually a noticeable change in colour from white to blue to red, as blood flow returns.

It can occur during pregnancy and at times related to feeding. Cold temperatures typically trigger the vasospasm and make it worse. It is a very painful experience.

One common treatment is to keep the breast and nipples warm.

Breastwarmers use a reflective insulating layer to naturally warm the breasts.

Breastwarmers can be used by women with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, to boost milk supply due to the warmth that is provided to milk ducts, and to help with let-down or expressing.

Breastwarmers can be worn all the time to help prevent vasospasm events occurring and to help increase milk supply, before breastfeeding or expressing to aid let-down, or after breastfeeding to reduce vasospasm.