Remedies for Hayfever while Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Spring is in the air….. Any advice for a breastfeeding mum suffering from hayfever?

Here are a few shared suggestions from our Facebook Page

Try a neti pot with a saline solution, or a saline nose spray from the chemist. Gives some relief.

Keep out of the wind. Vacuum your house with a cleaner with a Hepa filter.

Air the beds regularly – dust mites don’t like to be cooled down quickly.

Put your duvet out in the sunshine on still sunny days.

Claratime, safe for breastfeeding as long as you take it after a feed, I have been taking it at night after the last feed and it lasts 24 hrs

There’s a nasal spray in the clinicians range you can use while pregnant.

When you’re breast feeding you can use flixonase the nasal spray, I’m using it and I used it at the end of my pregnancy too.

My local herbal shop  makes me up a potion with echinacea, albizzia etc… all natural

Probiotics to boost the immune system. Omega rich food as it can reduce inflammation. Fish Oil capsules have helped with my asthma and hayfever in the past.

Loratadine… generic claratyne and about a third of the prices

Also helpful to wash your hair at night before bed so you don’t cover your pillowcase in lots of little allergens.

Homeopathic spray from health shops

Alfalfa capsules from a health shop

Use a saline nasal rinse helps to clean the pollen out of the sinuses

Weleda have some sinus products that are ok to use while breast feeding

Local honey mixed with cider vinegar

Naturopharm sinumed spray…..I had the worst hayfever when I was pregnant after 2 days of using this it was gone…good luck

l found Otrivine Saline Nasal spray to help quite a bit as I wouldn’t use antihistamines. My doctor recommended Otrivine Saline Nasal spray instead of using prescription Alanase.