Video: Breast Pump Noises

We have made some demonstration videos so that you can see how some of our Breast Pumps work.  For you the customer, it is also very useful for you to hear the noises the breast pumps make, as this is something essential to consider when you are purchasing.  Especially if you need to express milk at work.

Please remember that the actual noise that you hear will depend on the quality of your speakers, and the volume. The recordings all have Franny from Breastmates having a quick chat, so you can hear the noise of the breast pump relative to a female voice. The videos and audio have not be edited (we are not fancy enough to do that!)

The quietest electric breast pump we have is the Medela Swing Breast Pump.  Or any of the manual breast pumps as obviously they don’t have a motor!

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Mini Electric Breast Pump – both the single and double pumps of the Mini Electric style sound  the same.   Unfortunately the Mini Electric Breast Pump has now been discontinued, and we are running out of spare parts for this breast pump.

Medela Swing Breast Pump  this is so quiet you can barely hear it pumping

Medela Swing Maxi (double breast pump)

Medela Pump in Style Advanced .   This breast pump has also been discontinued and spare parts are running out.

Medela Free  Style double breast pump – super high grade

Comparison of the Medela Mini Electric and the Medela Swing Electric breast pumps.

And the following Symphony and Lactina which are RENTAL breast pumps.

Lactina Rental Breast Pump

Symphony Rental Pump

From the range of Unimom Breast Pumps:

Mezzo Manual Breast Pump

Allegro Single Electric Breast Pump

Forte Double Breast Pump

These videos have been made by us to benefit our customers.  Please do not use these videos  unless you obtain copyright from us.